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PACE Lot 2

About PACE Lot 2

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ABOUT The Site

With a placement between Mainstreet and the PACE Lot, PACE Lot 2 is a strip of land that offers unique opportunities to developers. This site also allows a view to the PACE Center many residents would like to preserve.

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Greater Downtown Zoning District

This district seeks to create a destination where the community comes together to live, work, shop and play. Development must also provide usable space and allow for easy orientation and convenient access to all visiting the area, no matter their mode of transportation.


Market Analysis

A market analysis outlines what the economy will realistically support in the Town of Parker. The goal of the market analysis was to:

  • Analyze market demands for specific community needs and identify the changing market demands and demographics

  • Inventory current business types, industries and commercial spaces and analyze what works well

  • Conduct a financial analysis to see what kind of businesses the community can support

The identified uses for PACE Lot 2 were:

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Retail and Restaurant Complex

A retail and restaurant complex features a wide range of shops and dining options for those visiting an area. In most cases, these shops will be on the ground floor with either office or living space on the upper floors.


Amenities for this site could Also include:

  • View to PACE Center

  • Outdoor plaza space

What makes a good downtown

When analyzing what makes sense being developed at PACE Lot 2, it's important to consider what makes for a good downtown. Here are a few factors that combine to create a premium downtown area:

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Public Input

Site Uses and opportunities

Over a six week period we asked Council members, Parker residents, and Town employees what they wanted to see developed on this site in downtown Parker. 

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Visual Preference Survey

To better understand what building style Parker residents want to see in Downtown, the community was encouraged to take a survey that showed possible options for different uses. Below are some options that were preferred by residents for this site. 


Vision Plan for PACE Lot 2

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After months of engagement, the Parker community can expect PACE Lot 2 to be transformed into a multi-functional space in the next few years. This space will incorporate parking and multi-use space with office, residential, retail and restaurant space.