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2017-2018 Annual Report

As an Urban Renewal Authority, it is P3's charge to reduce and eliminate blight by removing barriers to private development and reinvestment to help improve our community. There are three (3) active urban renewal areas in Parker: Cottonwood, Parker Road, and Parker Central. P3 would like to share their Annual Report for 2017-2018. The report summarizes the economic impacts, community outreach, policies and goals P3 has accomplished over the last two years as well as future objectives for each of the urban renewal areas.


My Mainstreet: Implementation

Last year, we launched the My Mainstreet project to learn what Parker residents want to see and experience downtown. Now we’re working to make that vision a reality.

In the My Mainstreet: Implementation phase, we will be partnering with developers and the Parker Town Council to take the next steps on each of the identified sites in downtown. As always, we’ll continue to rely on your input and feedback, and keep you informed on the progress.


The My Mainstreet Story map

The My Mainstreet project is a community effort to encourage the right growth in the right places in downtown Parker. P3's goal is to partner with Town residents, business owners and developers to define what the community would like to see on each of the four sites downtown and what is feasible for the private market to develop.

Each site vision has been developed from a robust public engagement process and data from a market analysis of what is feasible. Read about the process that we took to arrive at these community-driven recommendations.


Winter Newsletter: The Strategic Framework for My Mainstreet

The public engagement phase of the My Mainstreet project—a community effort to define the best growth plan for downtown Parker—was recently completed with outstanding participation and exciting results.

Thanks to the public's input, we created illustrative designs that incorporated the uses and the specific asks for the community while complimenting the existing structures to create grander visions of downtown. Once we heard which vision the community preferred, we were able to create a Strategic Framework that can be used by future developers for each site

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For the past five months, you’ve been hearing a lot about the My Mainstreet project. My Mainstreet is a community-wide effort to gain consensus on what the future of downtown Parker should look like. We've been asking Parker residents, staff and businesses to share their feedback with us so we can create a plan that creates a truly vibrant downtown.

We’re nearing the end of the project and wanted to be sure that you were in the know about all the steps we’ve taken and how they will all come together



My Mainstreet is a project that is working to engage residents in Parker and give them a voice to help shape the future of Downtown. Over the past several months, we’ve been asking you a lot of questions about the future of downtown: what you’d like to see there, and what kind of development you think would look good in downtown.


July Newsletter: What do You Think Makes a Good Downtown?

The My Mainstreet project is a community effort to find consensus on the types of growth that can be expected on four lots in downtown Parker. Over the past few weeks, we've been learning what elements make a good downtown. 

Plus, over the last six weeks, we’ve been conducting a visual preference survey on Let’s Talk Parker. This survey asked you to rank which of a variety of designs are most appropriate for downtown and you told us. Learn which options were preferred.



The missing piece of the My Mainstreet project has been the Market Analysis. A good market analysis looks at the kind of development that is possible in downtown Parker based on the economy, expected expansion and the anticipated demand over 10 years. The market analysis identifies what market-driven uses could be viable for each of the sites. After waiting a few months, we are excited to share the results with you. 

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May Newsletter: The Results of the Site Uses Survey

Over the past six weeks, P3 has been asking the Parker community what they want to see on the four sites in downtown through our uses survey on Let's Talk Parker. We received over 730 responses from our survey, in-person events, trips to the P3 Advisory Committee and Downtown Business Alliance. 


Resident Feedback About Each Site

During the months of March and April, Parker residents were able to engage in an online survey and share their feedback about what they wanted to see developed on four different sites in downtown Parker. Read the full report and learn more about what peers want to see in downtown.


March newsletter: THE MARKET ANALYSIS

Every good development plan begins with a market analysis. We have hired a firm to conduct research on the kind of development that is possible in downtown Parker based on the economy, expected expansion and demand.


P3 to Kickoff “My Mainstreet,” the Ultimate Strategy for Downtown Parker

Partnering for Parker’s Progress (P3) aspires to make Downtown Parker even better. Through a robust market analysis and public engagement process, P3 will identify the community needs and wants for development of four vacant lots on Mainstreet. The project will be conducted February through October 2018.

To learn more about the project visit p3parker.com/my-mainstreet


February Newsletter: introducing My Mainstreet

My Mainstreet is a community effort to encourage the right growth downtown Parker on four parcels of land owned by P3 and the Town. This means we have a rare opportunity to work together as a community to ensure our downtown remains Parker’s premier place to gather, dine, shop and play.


January Newsletter: Meet the areas of focus in Parker

P3 is a true partner that is committed to defining and accomplishing both public and private goals that improve the Parker community. P3 does this by engaging the residents of Parker and encouraging the right kind of growth in the right areas - growth that will enhance Parker’s small-town feel.

P3 has adopted three different areas within the Town that can utilize urban renewal tools for development and redevelopment. 


p3 Job Listing: Redevelopment coordinator

P3 is currently accepting applications for a Redevelopment Coordinator. For information on job functions, requirements and to apply, please visit the Town of Parker's Employment Page. 

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Help Shape the Future of your Community: Apply for a Position on Parker’s Urban Renewal Authority Advisory Committee

Are you interested in improving and progressing Parker? Parker’s urban renewal authority, Partnering for Parker’s Progress (P3), is looking for a new volunteer member.


Parker’s Urban Renewal Authority Rebrands and Renews Commitment to Community

Formerly known as the Parker Authority for Reinvestment (PAR), the Town of Parker’s urban renewal authority has now evolved in both name and initiative. With its new name, Partnering for Parker’s Progress (P3) is armed with a robust strategic plan, a renewed commitment to engaging the community and a refreshed brand.