The My Mainstreet Project

The My Mainstreet project was a community effort to encourage the right growth in the right places in downtown Parker. The goal of the project was for P3 to partner with Town residents, business owners and developers to define what the community wanted to see on four different sites in downtown Parker and what was feasible for the private market to develop.

Over the course of 2018 P3 engaged Parker residents with different surveys online, set up at several different events to engage the public in person and shared finding the findings through electronic newsletters and social media. These interactions helped shape the future downtown vision and guided the future investment in the space. 

My Mainstreet Process with Title.png

Who We Heard From

During the My Mainstreet project, the P3 team engaged Parker residents, Council Members, and staff in a variety of ways. See the breakdown below of how residents were engaged. 

Public Input 3.png

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